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Improving Patient Outcomes:
It’s About Having the Right Information and Tools

Today’s value-based healthcare demands clinicians have accurate and timely information to guide their treatment choices/decisions. HealthTrackRx and its AIT Laboratory subsidiary provide cost-effective clinical solutions and laboratory testing so physicians and healthcare systems have the data to make informed decisions. We don’t believe providing the data is enough though. We go the next step to provide services to help manage information and reporting that makes the information easy to use.

Services We Offer:


A turn-key program to help manage the risks associated with opioid therapy.

Healthcare systems and providers are challenged to treat pain while meeting safe opioid prescribing guidelines


  • Provides monitoring for early detection of opioid misuse
  • Helps meet CDC, Joint Commission and state guidelines
  • Reduces provider burden of monitoring
  • Is turn-key and customizable
  • Population health reports

Laboratory Services

Testing that offers maximum information for the best value

We believe laboratory testing should provide useful clinical insight and be accurate, timely and affordable

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