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AIT Laboratories, a HealthTrackRx Company Launches Testing to Detect Novel Coronavirus.

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Comprehensive and Collaborative Programs for Clinicians to Prescribe Opioids and Antibiotics Responsibly

Clinical solutions from HealthTrackRx help keep healthcare providers informed to make responsible opioid and antibiotic prescribing decisions.

About Us

Leading Clinical Solutions Provider for Antibiotic and Opioid Stewardship

HealthTrackRx is a clinical solutions company that helps medical professionals with appropriate medication prescribing protocols and monitoring through the GuideMed® program and other services. The company provides cost-effective programs, testing and analytical tools to support appropriate opioid and antibiotic stewardship.

Reduction in Aberrant Opioid Test Results
0 %
Common Pathogens Detected + Antibiotic Resistance Identified
Hours to Informed Care Within Receipt of Specimen


How GuideMed Works

Through use of intuitive tools, templates, and protocol guides, a custom program is built for medical providers.            

  • Supports safe opioid prescribing           
  • Identifies problematic behavior for early intervention        
  • Flags patients for referral to treatment   
  • Provides actionable data to clinicians  
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Our Story

HealthTrackRx Supports Patient Health and Positive Outcomes

Led by a results-driven team with a passion for people, HealthTrackRx delivers unique clinical solutions to healthcare providers. We help reduce clinician time on prescription monitoring by providing objective data, including laboratory services, as tools to help enhance patient care. 

What We Do

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Informed Prescribing Is Better Prescribing

Antibiotic effectiveness has been greatly compromised by the ability of pathogens to develop antibiotic resistance. When antibiotics do not work, infections can:
  • last longer
  • cause more severe illness
  • require more visits or hospital stays
  • involve more expensive treatment
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