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Our Mission: HealthTrackRx strives to be best in class in laboratory quality, service, and value to deliver the highest level of clinical decision support for physicians to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Using proprietary technology and methods, we can provide precise and accurate results with 99(%)+ drug specificity within 24-48 hours. Because new illicit drugs and prescription medications are increasingly being introduced into the market, testing labs must keep up with the trends and be able to add them to their testing panels. HealthTrackRx is currently capable of testing Urine specimens for 30 drug classes and 127 drug analytes and Oral Fluid specimens for 29 drug classes and 125 drug analytes. Click here to see our current test menu.

HealthTrackRx is a leading clinical prescription drug monitoring laboratory offering compliant and medically necessary testing services through approaches that are specific to each physician’s request and patient’s needs. Although our main focus is in the toxicology services arena, specifically for addiction treatment facilities, pain care practitioners, and women’s health, we provide screening and confirmation services to practitioners of all specialties, including: pain management specialists, family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, addiction treatment facilities, hospitals, and other laboratories. HealthTrackRx’s qualitative and quantitative testing and confirmation services provide physicians with results that fortify routine monitoring processes and promote more effective treatment plans that aim to support overall patient health and positive outcomes.

HealthTrackRx’s services provide scientific identification of prescription and illicit drugs with increased reliability, specificity and sensitivity. Our drug and alcohol monitoring services help our clients by providing objective data that can provide enhanced patient care and practice protection through the identification of risk, and tools to help monitor and manage that risk.

Our Core Values:

  • Collaboration to Make a Difference
  • Responsive, Accountable Communication
  • Dedicated Focus on Continuous Improvement
  • Uncompromising Attention to Quality
  • Passionate Commitment to Customer Service