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Value of SureTestRx Now Available in Blood

Quality and Efficiency at an Affordable, Patient-Friendly Price

  • SureTestRx offers a presumptive screening menu of
    29 drug classes/125 drug compounds in blood and oral fluid and
    30 drug classes/127 drug compounds in urine.
  • When more drug classes are screened, fewer definitive confirmations are required, thus minimizing costs.
  • AIT’s responsible pricing further ensures patients receive affordable care.

Rapid Results for Making Clinical Decisions

  • Prompt turnaround times with greater than 90 percent of samples reported in 24 hours or less, balance in 48 hours.
  • Efficient, easy-to-read reports.
  • Lab results available via secure compliant web portal, EMR interface, HIPAA compliant email or fax.

More Data for Clinical Decision Support

  • Blood testing will show what a patient has taken in approximately the past eight hours.
  • Patients prescribed around-the-clock dosing regimens should, in most cases, test positive for their prescribed medication. Negative results signal need for further investigation by the healthcare provider.
  • Documentation of blood concentration combined with a provider’s thorough assessment can document a patient’s tolerance to a medication, protecting patients and providers.