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Join Our Team

HealthTrackRx has experienced considerable popularity, success, and growth within the last five years. We currently employ 300+ employees; including: an onsite AP/CP Pathologist/MD, an expert Toxicologist, Lab Technicians, and nationally located Collectors. HealthTrackRx provides expert, accurate, and concise results as a product of our dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable staff.

HealthTrackRx is looking for smart, capable, and experienced professionals to join our team!

Open Positions:

Our Core Values:

  • Collaboration to Make a Difference
  • Responsive, Accountable Communication
  • Dedicated Focus on Continuous Improvement
  • Uncompromising Attention to Quality
  • Passionate Commitment to Customer Service


Purpose Driven with Respect
Accountable to All
Satisfied Clients
Servant Leadership
Nurtured Improvement
Trusted Teamwork
Ethics Above All