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Preventing Misuse:
Starts with early detection through monitoring, so providers can intervene sooner


18.9 Million Americans Reported Past Year Prescription Drug Misuse1

● 12.5 million misused pain relievers (hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine)

● 6.1 million misused tranquilizers (benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants)

● 5.3 million misused stimulants (amphetamines, methylphenidate)

● 1.5 million misused sedatives (zolpidem)

Flexible, Comprehensive Testing Options

Healthcare providers are called by commercial and federal payers to limit their test orders to only those medically necessary for the individual patient. AIT offers a comprehensive menu with incredibly flexible ordering options, so providers can easily order exactly and only what is needed.

  • Multiple levels of testing to meet individual patient medical necessity
  • Test menu of 30+ drug classes / 130+compounds
  • Urine, blood and oral fluid tested
  • Comprehensive SureTestRx® streamlines ordering when it is medically appropriate

Screen with reflex
Presumptive screen for one or more classes; definitive confirmation of positive and pertinent negative results

Definitive Confirmation
Mass spectrometry confirmation of a single drug, select drugs, entire classes or entire categories

Presumptive screen of all drug classes with reflex to definitive confirmation for positive and pertinent negative results

Confident Decision Support

In today’s value-based healthcare environment you need objective information to help make the best clinical decisions for your patients.

  • Rapid results: greater than 90 percent reported in 24 hours
  • Variety of report formats offer results at-a-glance and/or in detail
  • Multiple report delivery options, including secure portal, EMR interface, HIPAA compliant email or fax
  • Helps meet national, state and professional guidelines for risk-stratified patient monitoring programs

AIT places an uncompromising focus on providing clinically accurate, objective, actionable information to help make the best clinical decisions for patients.

Maximum Value at the Lowest Cost

AIT offers the most comprehensive menu at the highest quality and lowest overall cost.

  • Reasonable flat-rate pricing ensures patients receive affordable care
  • Financial assistance follows government guidelines based on incomes
  • Flexible Payment options help patients resolve their balances quickly

Testing should always be accurate, timely and affordable

1. Hughes, A., Lipari, R. N., Bose, J., et al. (2016 Sept). Prescription drug use and misuse in the United States: Results from the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality.