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Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing

SureTestRx Methodology

  • Removes ambiguity of guessing what is in a patient’s system
  • Reduced number of confirmations needed and ensures testing only for medical necessity
  • Optimizes quality, efficiency at affordable, patient-friendly price

Know What You're Looking For

  • A broad menu for both presumptive screening (29 compounds) and definitive confirmations (125 drugs/analytes) with capability to reveal more compounds and drugs than most in the industry
  • A more sensitive and specific result compared to industry norms through utilization of our high volume oral fluid vials, using SureTestRx for both presumptive screening and definitive confirmations
  • Ability to reveal more drugs in the screening stage through our SureTestRx presumptive screening method; therefore, only the medically necessary specimens are confirmed
  • Better detection of recent drug use: oral fluid testing excels in the ability to detect drugs that have been consumed within the past 24-48 hours, compared with urine drug testing
  • Maximum data at an affordable price provides physicians actionable clinical data while maintaining low patient bills

Confidence and Ease of Use

  • Oral fluid testing reduces the risk of sample adulteration and dilution
  • Rapid, easy and noninvasive specimen collection – eliminates requirement of a collection facility (e.g., a restroom)
  • No gender-specific observation of the collection of the specimen is required – eliminates the necessity for same-sex collectors and allows the sample collection procedure to be fully observed


AIT/HealthTrackRx Oral Fluid Collection Training Video

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Phone: (940) 383-2223