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Providing maximum value and the highest quality urine drug testing at the lowest cost

SureTestRx Methodology

  • Removes ambiguity of guessing what is in a patient’s system
  • Reduces number of confirmations needed and ensures testing only for medical necessity
  • Optimizes quality, efficiency at affordable, patient-friendly price

Our Broad Testing Menu

  • HealthTrackRx utilizes a comprehensive presumptive screening menu that provides testing for 30 drug classes that include 127 drug compounds
  • When more drug classes are screened, there is a reduction in the number of definitive confirmation tests required
  • Larger number of drug classes subject to presumptive screening reduces the number of CPT and G codes billed for definitive confirmations, thereby containing reimbursement costs
  • The benefit of the HealthTrackRx menu is healthcare providers focus on caring for patients, while we provide data for clinical decision support

Rapid Results - Efficient Reporting

  • Prompt turnaround-times – with greater than 90% of samples reported within 24 hours or less, the balance in 48 hours
  • Easy to read reports through clear, secure and easily accessible lab results via our HIPAA compliant web portal, EMR interface, lab information systems, or fax