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Act Now – Your Comments are Imperative!

As you may already know, over the years CMS has proposed various changes to drastically lower Medicare reimbursements for in-office drug screens and confirmatory testing. The medical community has opposed CMS’s budget-driven (not care-driven) changes. For the most part, the industry has been able to hold off the most devastating changes. But in the last several weeks, CMS again wholly rejected the lab industry’s recommendations and is moving forward with proposed code and reimbursement changes that place Medicare reimbursements at below costs. If Medicare makes these changes, we all know private and other commercial insurers will follow suit. We cannot let this happen.

Together, we can make our voices heard and show CMS that it cannot continue to reject the opinions of the medical community and the healthcare industry and adopt these purely cost-saving policies that serve only to hurt physicians, other providers, and the patients we all care for. Please help us by sending letters, emails, and faxes so that we can engage our congressmen to take action.


Download the editable letter to CMS and Congress here.

Download the contact list, including addresses and fax numbers here.

  • Email your letter directly to CMS: Glenn McGuirk at
  • Mail or fax your Congressmen, Senators and local representatives to discuss the impact on patients, jobs, taxes, etc.
    (Faxing is the recommended delivery method as it is efficient and delivered quickly)

Note: The deadline for submitting your comments October 26, 2015. However, letters sent after the deadline will still be effective in voicing our concerns. Take action now!

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